Senior Software Engineer

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Senior Software Engineers at AWeber focus on contributing to a technology stack that serves our 110,000 customers on a 24/7 basis. Using primarily Python and related tool chains (pip, distribute, fabric, virtualenv), our engineers maintain web-based applications running on a Unix-based open source platform. Successful candidates in this role are confident and bring a level of expertise that comes from building upon past successes. Our team includes smart people who appreciate talented goal seekers, continuous learning, experimentation and a lust for creating and implementing cutting edge technologies. We welcome those who share these passions to apply.
About You
You're an experienced software engineer who sets the performance bar high for yourself and engineers around you. You've developed in greenfields and artfully navigated legacy code, all while delivering product consistently to the delight of your customers. You've experienced failure, recognized your mistakes, course-corrected, and succeeded. You have a passion for technology, and view what you do as a craft. You enjoy working with open source software, toolchains, systems, and databases, and are always seeking out new solutions to difficult problems in technology. Where those solutions are found lacking, you contribute, and occasionally build your own.

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