Sports Club for Kids Camp Counselor

The SCfK Camp Counselor's primary responsibility is to deliver a fun, safe and effective camp experience for kids. Additional responsibilities include being knowledgeable about SCfK offerings and being able to respond to member inquiries.
The SCfK Camp Counselor role achieves success through embodying our cultural pillars (Genuinely Connected, True Relevance and Constantly Improving).
Genuinely Connected
Models the core attributes of a successful employee with the utmost integrity, lives the mission and empowers others to do the same; focused on building meaningful relationships with members, their kids and team members.
Responsibilities include:
Modeling and promoting the Clubhouse Rules.
Adhering to all TSI policies and procedures including, but not limited to timeliness, codes of conduct, dress and timekeeping.
Lead by example maintaining a positive attitude and fun atmosphere while overseeing assigned group.
True Relevance
Actively facilitates self and team member development; constantly seeking new ways to build skills and competency; elevates the brand experience.
Responsibilities include:
Guaranteeing participants safety at all times and providing first aid when necessary, being constantly aware of children's medical conditions and food allergies.
Setting up and cleaning up before, during, and after the camp day.
Direct supervision of children during camping activities.
Communicating pertinent participant/parental issues to Camp Manager and Head Staff.
Cooperating as a team with your fellow co-workers to adhere to schedules and assigned work stations.
Constantly Improving
Meets and exceeds company goals and metrics surrounding employees and members; never satisfied with the status quo.
Responsibilities include:
Motivating children to participate in age appropriate activities.
Proudly supporting the training of new SCFK counselors.
Required Skills and Experience:
AED-CPR certified
Prior camp experience
Prior experience working with children

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